General Merchandise queries

All products showcased on www.millenniumgold.in are similar to those being sold in our showroom. Minor design variations may be there.

Please refer the buying guide which illustrates the range of sizes for different items.

We focus on gold of 22k, that has been stringently tested for purity and quality in the UAE.

We sell diamonds with VVS-EF clarity and color.

Do not wear gold jewellery when using chlorine bleach or cleaners. Exposure to chlorine can permanently damage and discolour your gold jewellery. Clean your jewellery regularly with a mild cleaning solution in lukewarm water. After cleaning and rinsing, always dry and polish jewellery with a chamois or soft cloth to avoid scratches and bring out its shine. When you are not wearing your gold jewellery, store them in a velvet-lined jewellery box or case that contains compartments for each item. You can also individually wrap each piece in tissue paper and store in small bags or pouches. Periodically check for loose clasps, links, or any other damages. If any, get them fixed right away at Millennium Gold under our lifetime warranty. Certain regularly used products like hair spray, soap and perfume can cause dullness in gold jewellery. Be sure to remove jewellery before showering or cleaning or even when applying makeup or facial powder. Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly after applying makeup before putting the jewellery back on. When you prevent the formation of film, you will cut down on the need for cleaning.

Stones can easily be scratched, chipped or fractured if not cared for properly. When cleaning non-porous gemstones, washing gently with a weak solution of ammonia, rinsing with clean lukewarm water, and drying with a soft lint-free cloth is quite effective and safe. A little soaking may be necessary to remove heavier deposits. Store jewellery and loose gems in a box with separate padded compartments or wrapped in soft lint-free cloth to prevent scratching, chipping, and entanglement. Pearls, coral, and porous stones such as opal, turquoise, or malachite should be kept away from dirty water and oils to avoid discoloration. Wipe them gently with a soft, damp cloth. Do not wear rings containing these stones while washing dishes or similar activities. Most stones should never be exposed to extreme heat or sudden changes in temperature. Jewellery with brittle or soft stones are much safer in earrings, pins or pendants as opposed to rings, bracelets and bangles as they can get damaged while you work with your hands. Check that the setting is designed to protect the stone as much as possible.

During times where it can be impossible to predict what the economy will do, gold is a safe choice of investment over stocks as its value has been increasing over time. Gold is easy to store and trade. Most newspapers report the daily price of gold, allowing investors to easily track their portfolio's value and performance. Gold is also valuable for reasons beyond investments, and this is demonstrated by the ever growing demand for gold. In fact, over the past decade, consumption of gold has actually exceeded production. One major reason that investors choose gold is that it is a hedge for inflation. This means that while stocks or bonds are declining, assets such as gold can in fact increase in value and therefore, pose less of a risk to an investor wishing to make a safe choice.

Millennium Gold offers a selection of pendant designs that you can pick from. Ranging from classic, traditional, lightweight and internationally inspired patterns. However, these will need to be purchased separately and do not come along with the chain. If you are looking for pendant + chain you can choose from our collection of matching sets that include a chain, pendant, earrings and ring.

Yes. Millennium Gold only offers ethically sourced diamonds that go through a rigorous quality control process and certified to ensure you the purest and best pick.